Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doing too much?

Daily Routine:

7:30 am  Wake up
7:00        Take shower
6:00        Make bed

8:00 am   Wake kids up
7:30         Do make up and hair
                 Have kids make beds 

6:00 am  Wake up
                 Go for a run
                  Make bed

7:00 am   Wake kids up
                 Do make up and hair
                 Have kids make beds 
7:30 am   Make breakfast
                 Pack kids' lunches

8:00 am   Leave house

6:00 pm Get home and start dinner and homework

Ever made this list? Then slept until 7:30, then had a "throw it all" morning? Ya know, where you throw your hair up, throw on some lipstick, throw the kids in the car with a poptart and some cash for lunch while throwing a fit about how late you are. All the while, throwing your hopes of being Mrs. Perfect out the window?

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we think that getting up at 6:00 am  5:00 am is going to accomplish anything when (guessing according to the above schedule) we don't even get in bed until 11:30 or Midnight?

Why do we feel so guilty if we don't get all of these things done? No, really, I am asking you! I make this same list all the time! AND I NEVER FOLLOW IT! I'm not running at 6:00 am! I may go in the afternoon or evening but not at 6:00 am! Even if I managed to get breakfast made by 7:30, nobody in my house is ready to eat by then....they may not even be awake.

So, why do we do this? It only stresses us out. It stresses out our husbands because they hear the alarm go off for three weeks in a row only to hear us reset it for 3 hours later..no?...that's just me? It stresses out our kids because they are getting yelled at due to nothing more than our frustration with ourselves for not being "perfect" at life. Most of all, it only makes us feel like less of a woman when we make all of these plans and don't follow them at all.

I am issuing myself a challenge this week: The only list I am going to make is:

Things That I don't have to do anymore

Maybe that list will include things like coupon clipping or gardening or being team mom of every sport my kids are involved in...maybe I will even have the kids take a break from sports for a season! Maybe I won't make EVERY meal from scratch each day or over obsess about how the towels are folded and arranged in the linen closet.

I issue the same challenge to you! Instead of looking at other women and saying, "Jamie makes everything from scratch! I want to do that!" ..."Pam clips coupons and saves $400 a month! I  want to do that!" ...."Sally runs 6 miles a day and is planning a marathon run next fall! I want to do that!" ..."Sue does crafts with her kids and is always taking them somewhere fun and special! I want to do that!", look at yourself and say, "I am ______ and I am always______! I am so proud to be myself!"

After all, Jaime, Pam, Sally and Sue each only have the one strength that sticks out to you! Truth be told, they probably wish they had it all together like you do!

This week, let's take it easy on ourselves and only focus on what matters the MOST in our lives! Let's see what we can cut out of our busy schedules. I am sure there are many things I do in a day that don't HAVE to be done.

Challenge Accepted!

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